Sunday, April 6, 2008

Art Journal, Journal Journal, Photoshop, 40 days of Yoga

This post is a bit of a catchup, so it may ramble a tiny bit. I will try to keep to the point(s)!

Art Journal
You may recall that I signed up to make 20 art journal pages for my participation/swap prior to the INSPIRED event next week. What you may not be aware of is that I am not a visual artist by any means - and that I had not worked with watercolors EVER. In fact, when I signed up, I didn't even know what was involved. The "assignment" worked thusly -

Create a two sided art journal page.
Duplicate that page 10 times.

I signed up for two sets of these. So, doing the math, that is 40 pages of creativity in a medium that I have no experience or knowledge of. Oh fine.

I have finished my four pages - which, when duplicated comes out to 40 - plus an extra of each page for the Donna Downey album. I know that many of the participants will have incredibly creative pages ready to share - I hope that mine are at least OK. Egad. WHAT A CREATIVE STRETCH!

I learned all kinds of things about watercolors, though, and I hope to take that learning forward to make many more wonderful things!

Journal Journal
I finally have all the equipment for my SueB journal - just in time for the instructions for the second journal to show up in my inbox! It involves sewing, you know, and fabric. Two more things that have NOT been in my "highly honed skills" box. YIKES! Well, I will work the first one on Monday - Wednesday, then head to INSPIRED. Looks like I will work on number 2 next Sunday! STRETCHING LIKE MAD OVER HERE!

I still have my very last photoshop page from class to complete. I am saving it for a slow day. Maybe tomorrow before starting to sew (egad). I have several pages to work up tonight, and hope to post them before the end of the day. Thanks, as always, to Jessica Sprague who is a phenomenal instructor!

40 days of Yoga
So, I signed up, with my daughter, to participate in the "40 days to personal transormation" experience. I must say, I am getting stronger. HOORAY! Yoga still wipes me out, and I end up sitting on my butt for about three hours after each class - but I can make it through more poses, and I can feel my back, arms, legs, and heart getting stronger with each visit. We are into day 7 - 1/6 of the way done!

BIG BREATH. Big Stretches.
Big Growing into this hand-made life.

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