Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Monday Feature - Dreaming Spirals Textile Art

This Monday's featured artist hails from South Wales in the UK - ladies and gentlemen, Liz Plummer!

Liz is one of those artists that I envy greatly - she is a textile artist. Her work with fabrics, paint, dyes, and stitching is nothing short of incredible, and she works her fabric and art designs into everything from wall hangings to silk scarves, small quilts to greeting cards.
She and her husband and THREE teenage boys live in a Victorian house on the edge of a small city, and Liz stays very busy keeping up with everyone and still finding time to create incredible art.

In her profile on ETSY, Liz shares "I think that the value of art is being able to see things that other people don't see, or see them in a different way. Like the colours of leaves or the way they hang on a particular branch and the beauty in the colours of streets after the rain. I love working with layers: layers of fabric, paint, dye, adding colours, taking away colours, building up those layers to create depth and meaning in a piece. Most of my work uses fabric which I have dyed, painted or otherwise altered myself. I use a variety of fibres depending on the effect I want to achieve, including cotton and silk."

Some of Liz's recent works include the following -

Portals 2 - small mounted wall art - This is a fabric and paper collage with lots of texture. The background is built up with painted and fused papers and fabrics. Depth and sparkle is added with metallic paints and foil, more paint printed on top, words stitched on to it with a sewing machine and threads couched over the top.

Beside Portals 2 is Tulip - small fabric wall art - This design was inspired by a close-up photograph of a tulip in Liz's garden. She painted calico with acrylic paint, then stitched it with rayon and metallic threads to emphasise its shape and form, and finally quilted it. The backing fabric is her own hand dyed cotton fabric.

Again, below is a Silk habutai scarf - rust dyed and beside that, Portal Postcard 2 - Collage Art Postcard - This is a postcard sized paper and thread collage with lots of texture. The background is built up with painted and fused papers and found objects. Depth and sparkle is added with metallic paint printed on top, and threads couched over that. It is backed with cardstock. This is part of a series entitled Portals, which explores doorways and entrances, locked and unlocked, into a secret world.

Liz's work has been exhibited in the UK and the US and you can read more about her work, her process, and her life at

Hop on over to her shop at and browse around - and tell her thewildhare sent you!


Chauncey said...

A great feature about a fabulous artist! Nice job, Wild.

ZudaGay said...

Lovely post feature!!! I love Liz's can get lost in it!

Liz said...

Wow, Kimberly, I'm so flattered to be featured on your blog - thank you!!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

What a wonderful post about this wonderfully talented Liz!

joonbeam said...

I just found this! Thank you for sharing wonderful Liz and her fabulous art. I am envious of her, as well, wild. Beautiful work and a great lady. I am so happy we've crossed paths! ox joon

AltheaP said...

Liz inspires me!


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