Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Monday Feature - GimmeBeads!!!!!

The etsy shop GimmeBeads is run by Mickey and Madeline, a dynamic husband and wife team dedicated to beautiful quality works. I absolutely love their shop name - it describes my reaction to looking over their wonderful offerings!

Mickey and Madeline have brought their talents together to create one of a kind objects of incredible beauty - wonderful artful objects that I would love to fill my home with! All of their glass is kiln annealed, and they work with both hard and soft glass using torches - both oxygen and propane. They experiment with many interesting glass techniques, including blowing - which is a fascinating art in itself.

In their shop profile, they explain that "Mike makes glass beads, pendants, and other objects using effetre and borosilicate glasses. Lynn makes glass beads as well and works silver wire, plus she artfully pulls the beads and other materials together into finished jewelry. We are artisans who have brought our mutual talents, admiration and creative energies together to produce high quality, beautiful art jewelry."

Some of their latest creative works include this beautiful Borosilicate Flower Spiral Pendant -

The description of this breath-taking pendant states "Glaxies and solar systems whirl through the vastness toward some unknowable end. Blue, Greens, Golds and Silvers and clear glass make up the colors in this gorgeous summer pendant."

And how about these lovely "Jelly Egg Earrings?" These elegant and fun earrings are not too long, not to short - and they really DO look like they might have a soft center, like a jelly bean! The gorgeous glass beads are accented with sterling silver and swarovski crystals.

Many of Mickey and Madeline's beads can be used in projects as well, for example, this Lampwork Beadset or this Borosilicate Pendant would look incredible in other projects from fiber artistry to jewelry, don't you agree?

There are many more beautiful works in their shop, and with just a quick look it is easy to see that any order from GimmeBeads will provide an heirloom quality work of art for the receipient.
Take a trip over to their etsy shop for a look ( and tell them thewildhare told you to stop by!


Judy Nolan said...

This is a wonderful post about Mike and Madeline. A very enjoyable read!--JN Originals

Chauncey said...
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Chauncey said...

I'm such a spaz, I deleted my own comment! Wonderful job on the feature, Wild. Gimme Beads does amazing work.

Beth said...

Lovely feature on Mike and Madeline. They are very talented and have a beautiful shop.

ZudaGay said...

Great feature, wonderful artists!!!

Liz said...

Great article about Mike and Madeline and I agree with you about the effect of their shop being appropriate for their name!

Hope this doesn't appear twice... for some reason Blogger didn't like my first attempt.

Jean Levert Hood said...

This is a great piece, Hare! I love Mike and Madeline's work. ..and, I see Chauncey is at it again!!

joonbeam said...

Love Mike and Madeline's art. I am so glad they joined the BBESTers and we are getting to know the wonderful couple behind the artistry. Thank you for featuring them, wild!

AltheaP said...

Mike's (and the alleged Madeline's) work is so amazing. Thanks, WildHare, for this piece. Mike's also one of my favorite posters in the forums.


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