Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Monday Feature - JoonBeam

I purchased two Nalgene bottles a week ago to use when going to Yoga and work. I was adamant that I needed Nalgene, because they provide clear water, handle temperatures well, and the company protects the environment with their many programs. I figured it was a Win-Win, leveraging a reusable container that was developed with the environment in mind and met my needs.

Two days after my purchase, I learned about the plastics BPA issue. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, and is a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastics. In January the FDA came out with a statement indicating that the “Agency is aware of several reports stating that BPA has estrogen-like activity.” They have concluded that products with low levels are still safe – but I am conservative in how I think.

So for me, it is out with the Nalgene bottles, and in with something more earth friendly, more eco friendly, better for me, my family, and our world.

And that brings me to JoonBeam! JoonBeam is a wonderful etsy shop with a focus on reuse, recycling, and recreating art and products that are good for us, our families, and our world! Perfect! The shop owner explains – “I love rescuing things, especially if someone else deems them trashworthy. My special affinity is vintage fabrics, notions, trinkets and papers, although I will incorporate any intriguing castaway, regardless of age. I love collage and cobbling things together. I believe that the small stuff does matter. One person can make a difference. And character and environment are everything. Truth be told, I'm a little bit obsessive about saving tiny bits of everything. I think character lives large in small. I find comfort and encouragement in clipping, snipping and finding a new life for would be discards. I hope my creations pass this along.”

The entire creative family provides goods for this etsy shop – with Evan focused on creating wood treasures while Scout works on fantastic original works of pure art.

Some of their newest works include “Synchronized Swimming,” pictured below. This original mixed media art work done primarily with acrylics and pastels, was completed on a recycled greeting card!

And take a look at Joon’s “Diamond Girl” Thumbtacks OR Magnets! These are retro kitchen sets, and can be ordered to hold important items to your fridge or your bulletin board! These goodies are handmade by Maddie and Tess, JoonBeams professional tecre buttonmaker. This particular set is from a 1955 cookbook!

One of Evan’s specialties is the Heart Cutting Board. This Tiger Maple Wood board is finished with mineral oil which is food safe and ready for your kitchen!

No trip to JoonBeam would be complete without looking at the fantastic art created by talented daughter Scout. The Traveler ACEO by Scout is one of a kind, and has a complete story to back it up! You can read all about it at JoonBeam’s shop. This particular ACEO was developed with Prismacolor Pencils, and is certain to delight!

There are many more wonderful “upcycled” works in JoonBeam’s shop - and every one of them fits in with my personal goal of making my life more eco-friendly. Take their motto to heart – Recycle, Reuse, Recreate!!

And then take a trip over to their etsy shop for a look ( and tell them thewildhare told you to stop by!


Mickey said...

Nice article on Joon who is very talented (so is Scout!). And think friendly (since it IS earth), doesn't impart taste...Okay so I'm sold on glass....what can I say?

ZudaGay said...

Great feature post on our Joonbeam!!!

Beth said...

A wonderful feature on Joon, I love that she's eco friendly and is very artistic. Great job Kimberly

AltheaP said...

Hooray for Joon! Hooray for Wildhare! (You're sposed to be okay with bottles marked #1 on the bottom, but I moved to glass.)

Sixsisters said...

Joonie is one of my favorite people ! Such talent and a real love of reusing and reclaiming items and turning them into art. Love it.

Rose said...

A wonderful post about a wonderful person and her great family!!

joonbeam said...

Thank you, wild! Wow...what a lovely surprise. You are too kind. This means a lot to me and to Scout and Evan as well. I am so happy people are noticing my eco friendly handmades and my philosophy. Better yet, I feel I am making a difference and a small contribution to our little blue planet and her future, which is the future for all. Thanks for helping spread the word, wild! You are a dear, dear person. And I love your blog. Always have. I have it on my reader so I won't miss a thing.

oxoxoxox to you all... joon joonie :) speaking for la familia


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