Monday, April 28, 2008

The Monday Feature - 'Precious Quilts’ AND ‘OnAWhimsey!!!!’

Precious Quilts is another fantastic ETSY shop, with a location in West Sussex, UK. The proprietor shares, “Precious Quilts was born out of the idea that whilst helping my husband in his business I could 'fill in' my time by creating shabby chic, traditional patchwork, nursery themed baby cot quilts and crochet baby blankets.”

I adore the work created at this shop, and many of the items are on my favorites list. These fabulous heirloom treasures lovingly created will become a part of your life, comforting everyone with their beauty and soft touch. The Precious Quilts blankets are perfectly sized for loving or for cuddling up as a lap quilt – and their size is one of the things that make them so delightfully easy to care for! Each product is made in a safe smoke free atmosphere to bring freshness right to your door.

And some of the treats you will find in Precious Quilts shop are just art for art’s sake – like this wonderful "Shabby Chic ACEO" with roses, ribbons, vintage buttons and even a piece of antique lace!

Or take a look at this yummy “Shabby Chic Roses coverlet lap quilt.” The item description includes “A variety of printed fabric has been used depicting mostly roses but also blackberries, hydrangea flowers etc in a patchwork display for the front of the quilt whilst I used a Marcus Brothers wholecloth rose print for the reverse which shows the roses (more!)in a blue on white background. For the wadding I used Hobbs Heirloon premium cotton batting. Every time you wash this quilt it will get softer and it drapes beautifully.” This gorgeous lap quilt is waiting for a lovely spring afternoon snuggle.

The proprietor also has a second shop at ETSY, onawhimsey! OnAWhimsey explores artistic endeavors with encaustic techniques and alternative mixed media art pieces – and delivers unbelievable results. Encaustic art is created using beeswax which has been melted and worked with heated tools to create individual effects, and can be a very challenging medium. But take a look at some of the fabulous work here – how about this encaustic ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) showing an “abstract random bunch of wild flowers depicting that Spring has finally caught up with us…”

Or how about this acrylic and encaustic piece entitled “Cliffs in Wild Weather.” Can’t you just see the storm and feel the wind?

Take a look at this many talented artist's work at or, or read about her techniques at

And when you stop by, don’t forget to tell her thewildhare said hi!


ZudaGay said...

Great feature on Pat!!! Well done, Kimberly!

Beth said...

Kimberly, lovely feature on Pat, I adore her shop.

Precious Quilts said...

Kimberly, wow! I was amazed to see the note in the forum that you had done this feature on me, thank you so much!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love Pat's work, Hare!! Her encaustic pieces always catch my eye.

Judy Nolan said...

Pat's work is amazing, in particular her encaustics. You did a great job of featuring her.--JN Originals

joonbeam said...

I love everything about Pat and her work. She has so many talents, but, beyond that, she is a great friend and an advocate for our BBEST group. I am so thankful she is in our world and thank you, wild, for a lovely feature.

AltheaP said...

Look at that encaustic . . . I can't believe Pat just took that medium up this year!


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