Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fabric - no - FELT Fascination!

So this sewing experience with the Journals has been very interesting, and got me into the fabric store - where I found I didn't have ANYTHING that I needed. It was quite intimidating, but I had Sue's great supply list and managed to get out without losing my shirt. But I did see some felt that looked just yummy - and yesterday I went back to pick some up.

I found a book, you see, in Barnes and Noble, called "pretty little pincushions." I simply had to have it. And yesterday, I found that I simply had to have some felt.

I started right in to make mom a pincushion for Mother's Day, because hers had "blown up" she said. It was as old as I am, and had finally become so threadbare that it broke open and all its sawdust began falling out in the sewing box.

We talked about when she and daddy bought the pincushion, and that led to great stories of their growing up and early married years. And after sitting and chatting for a bit while mom was crocheting and I was doing some needlework, I gave her the Mother's Day gift! What fun all this handwork was for me, and what a timely gift by chance!

These little pincushions are perfect for me as a beginner, because they are small enough to complete quickly, and much of the work is handwork or straight stitching on that new sewing machine I am working to understand. I did a few and plan to put them in my ETSY shop this coming week.

Can you believe I am SEWING! HA! This is a pretty big year, folks. Etsy, Painting, Scrapping, Journal Creating, Photoshop and Online Scrapping, and now SEWING! :) Outside of my box, all year long. That's the plan! Next maybe I will learn about making felt. There is a Salvation Army store up the street and I bet they have wool sweaters on sale about now....

I am also working on the ACEO Trade/Swap project so I hope this will be a week full of time and creativity! Now that daddy is recuperating and mom is happy to have him home, we may begin to get in to a simple and easy rhythm that gives me time and energy to craft. Provided, of course, that Yoga isn't too hard this week as well.

Tomorrow I will post about Yoga, as there is much to share.


joonbeam said...

Wild, I love this! Will you bring your book with you when you come to Boston? I'd love to look in it!

What a cute pincushion! I am going to go look at the ones you put in your store.



Jean Levert Hood said...

I love the pincushion time with your mom! That sounds like a precious memory for later years.

Judy Nolan said...

I LOVE these pin cushions, Kimberly! They are so much prettier than the ones in the stores.--JN Originals

AltheaP said...

I love these and I really love the ones in your shop, Kimberly.


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