Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Here At Last At Last At Last!

My very own Jean Hood Original!

I am so thrilled. It is perfect, much better than I could tell from the pictures. It is so wonderful to be surprised by the beauty of something well created!

So, I read SixSisters Blog - this one - - and the beautiful pictures brought back such childhood memories. My mother had a stand of lilacs all down the left side of our house. They were gorgeous and taller than I was, and they would bloom profusely every year. I would sit behind the bushed with my back against the cool cement blocks that made our basement wall, and feel like I was in a secret garden. My hidden treasure spot.

I think that loving the lilac's in my youth are why I love blue and purple flowers to this day. So, for the last nearly 30 years, I have lived where it is too warm for lilacs, and I miss them so much. I was truly delighted to see Six's pictures and relive those memories. When we moved to this house, I planted wisteria by my front porch, hoping to have it grow up the trellis and bloom those beautiful purplish blue flowers - and ALMOST have my lilacs.

Well, that darned wisteria out front Rarely Blooms. My neighbor's wisteria blooms a ton, beautiful hanging blossoms. Mine is green and thick and gorgeous. But Not Blue, Not Purple. Not Flowering.

Well, THEN, I read Jean Levert Hood's blog - this one -
Now, Jean's work is incredible. She is so talented, and I LOVE her work. It is breathtaking, even in pictures on the web. And here was a picture of a blooming wisteria - inspired by her blooming wisteria, no doubt, that Jean whipped up in an hour for a demonstration. WOW.

So I chatted with Jean - and guess what? The Wisteria Quick Painting is now MINE! Hooray hooray, I am the very proud owner of a Jean Levert Hood Original!

Look how gorgeous!

Jean included several lovely additional gifts - they are so sweet and I adore them as well.

THANK YOU JEAN for your talent and your gracious sharing of it with all of us! What a lucky girl I am.


Jean Levert Hood said...

ohmygoodness, Hare, I'm blushing at so many compliments! I am absolutely thrilled that you love your painting! ..and, It is I that is lucky to have such wonderful supporters as you!

AltheaP said...
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AltheaP said...

What a lovely article, and it seems that Jean was really honored.

There's a World War I song called, "Janine, I Dream of Lilactime." My uncle was a musician and had his band play it about six times at my wedding reception. My mother carried lilacs at her wedding. I miss them so much, but really love wisteria on dogwood trees here in the South.

Thanks for sharing!


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