Monday, June 9, 2008

Lots and Lots

Let's see....

  • a trip to Boston to see the BBEST Etsy Team with my grandson and sister
  • my mother-in-law falling and having surgery and multiple hospitalizations, with many long term care implications
  • my mother getting sick with a long running never ending severe cold
  • daddy trying to go back to work
  • work heating up
  • the weather heating up
  • the dog getting sick and needing a day at the vet
  • Karla rescuing the boxer that ended up having Parvo - who was subsequently saved
  • Amanda getting a job offer in Seoul that gives her less than a month (real time) to prepare
  • Aaron and Jaya getting new bikes
  • The weight loss challenge
  • Aaron's paintings getting put into a gallery
  • The Krawl
  • Preparing for the beach
  • and Yoga

These are just a few of the things that I will be blogging about over the next few weeks as I work to get caught up.

1 comment:

joonbeam said...

So glad to see your post, wild! Welcome back! oxoxo joon


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