Monday, May 12, 2008

The Monday Feature – The Knotty Sheep!

This Monday I am delighted to feature the work of The Knotty Sheep – a passionate ETSY crafter and designer of fantastic fiber mixes and creations. Hailing from New England, this shop lists various skeins of wools and the trademark “Kitchen Sink Battz” all made from fantastic natural fibers in wonderful and unexpected blends. About her Battz, Knotty shares – “My "Kitchen Sink Battz"™ have a long history with fiber artists everywhere. Developed years ago - these one of a kind spinnable fibers are perfect for both the beginner as well as seasoned spinner! With my New England accent ... let me just tell you ... "They spin like 'but-tah'"!How did they get their name "Kitchen Sink Battz"™?? Well, they have a little bit of everything and in varying amounts. It is 'a little pinch of this' and 'a little dab of that'! That being said ... they are truly one of a kind and they may never be repeated. Made in small batches to assure top quality.”

The proprietor of The Knotty Sheep is passionate about her craft and, like many of us, dedicated to making a difference in the world through her artistic passion. Each year, the Knotty Sheep chooses an animal charity for donations. From the shop blog we learn that in 2007 $180.00 was donated to Greyhound Friends Fund. In 2006, $180.00 was donated to Noah's Wish. In 2005, $300.00 was donated to SE Llama Rescue League, and in 2004 $370.00 was donated to Heifer International. This years charity is Pittie Love Rescue. You can learn more about them at At the Knotty Sheep, for every sale, all the time, 5% of the sale price is donated to Pittie Love Rescue. As you might imagine, this shop is also a member of EFA, the Etsy for Animals street team, as well as BBEST (Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team). Sometimes we are even treated to a shop listing made up of a fine spinning of dog hair mixed with other fabulous fibers for an incredible and beautiful surprise.

Knotty’s blog at often shares information on other charitable projects that this wonderful generous crafter focuses on. The proprietor participates with the Yahoo Group "Macuwita sni." This is a Lakota term which translates to: "I'm not cold"! The current project focus for the participants is on the several thousand children of the Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota, who need hand knitted wool sweaters and mittens.

Focusing on one of a kind fabric crafts and offerings, every item in The Knotty Sheep is unique and OOAK (One Of A Kind). You can leverage these creations to make heirloom projects of your own. Just take a look at the wonderful items found in Knotty’s ETSY shop – First, this SWINGIN SINGLES Skein (tm) handspun RARE CHURRO WOOL -

Knotty tells us “These 2 beauties have been spun from the RARE Navajo Churro! "Kos", is the wonderful sheepie to provide this awesome fiber! I love this wool and I love the fact that by offering it to other fiber artists - this sheep breed will continue to thrive & prosper.”

Or how about these KITCHEN SINK BATTZ (tm) romney wool cotton glitz 6.9 oz???

About these beautiful Battz, Knotty shares “Please, let me introduce: "Sleepy Clouds"! Artistically hand blended from "Cameo", a romney sheepie - dyed a wonderful light blue, dollups of cotton in the colors of blue, tan & white & Opal Sparkle Angelina!! (Please note: monitors vary in the way they display colors) These 13 airy batts total approx. 6.9 ounces on my postal scale. They contain virtually NO VM - as I stand at my carder with tweezers in hand!! Photographed in natural light - the photo does not show all 13 batts - super lofty & super soft - these battz will spin to a wonderfully textured yarn!”

Then we have this wonderful Moo Shi offering - SWINGIN SINGLES Skein (tm) handspun WOOL yarn MOO Shi.

About this offering, Knotty declares that “"MOO Shi" is 100% mystery wool.” What fun to play with these wonderful shades of orange & yellow - (and a ton of shades in between) in your latest projects!

And finally, take a look at this fantastic offering - SPIN DEL Skeins (tm) BL x SILK handspun wool hand spun yarn Newfie fur!!!

About this unique offering, Knotty tells us “Please, let me introduce: "Faithful Friend!" "Sparkle" - is a border leicester x sheepie whose wool natural milk chocolate colored wool has been blended with hand painted tussah silk & rich brown, clean, naturally groomed Newfie dog fur. A wee bit of Copper Flash Angelina has been added for spicy glitz ! Approximately 181 yards in length, 3.5 oz in weight (as weighed on my postal scale) and approx. 12 wpi - which translates to an approx worsted weight yarn. Here is 2 unique facts: Did you know doggie fur is actually warmer than wool AND yarn has absolutely no doggie odor when wet?” What a wonderful and unique fiber blend for your next effort.

It is hard to imagine a more creative and dedicated spirit than the proprietor of The Knotty Sheep. Truly, I am blessed every day simply by the existence of these dedicated and talented crafters that I have met through ETSY and in particular through the BBEST Team. They are changing our world one day, one moment, one craft at a time – and they are changing my life right along with it. Many thanks to these delightful artists!

So for some wonder and delight, please take a look at the Knotty Sheep’s shop and blog, and don’t forget to tell them thewildhare said hi!


Sixsisters said...

What a fantastic blog on knotty. She is inspirational.
Thanks for this great blog. You're a wonderful writer.

ZudaGay said...

Lovely feature on Knotty Sheep!!! Kary's heart is as beautiful as her wool!!!

Rose said...

Great article, loved learning about more about Kary!!

Judy Nolan said...

Both Kary and her yarns are very interesting. Great post, and well written!--JN Originals

Kary said...

O MY!!
I am BLUSHING, Wild!! Thanks so much for the fabulous feature - I am both honored and TICKLED! WhEEEE!

jstinson said...

I was delighted to learn more about the Knotty Sheep. I was very intrigued with her group that does sweaters of the Sioux children of South Dakota. I will have to learn more about this. Her wools are so beautiful!

Liv said...

What a lovely profile. I enjoyed reading more about Kary.


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