Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Dear friends, I must tell you that I am thrilled, honored, and inspired to be one of the recipients of the BRILLIANTE WEBLOG PREMIO Award.

There has been speculation that this award may have a checkered past, but I know that it was given in the spirit of friendship and encouragement, and I am delighted to have the logo here on my blog!

My incredibly talented friend Janine, of AltheaP, AltheaP At Etsy, and TalkingDog, nominated me for this award. I love Janine’s work, and her energy is always an inspiration for me. Her art makes me smile, and her talent for fabric craft leaves me envious – I am always astounded at what fabric artists can create. But Janine doesn’t stop there. She creates across many mediums, from paintings to jewelry to collages to amazing silk works. I am also a fan of Janine’s writing, and her blog is one of my favorites. She writes with a clear honesty and perspective that I really admire. Thank you Janine, for thinking of me!

I understand that as a winner of this award, my mission (which I have decided to accept) is to nominate seven other blogs for the award. I regularly read about 40 blogs written by many different types of people – and I love every single one - so my nomination list is incomplete as far as favorites go. But please, check out these cool blogs from some incredible women and see what you think. I chose blogs that speak truth to me, and tried to mix up the nominations to share some new and interesting sites with you all. I hope you enjoy them – and that you always know that there is wonderful art, perspective, insight, and wisdom to be found in the most amazing places. So, without further adieu, the winners in no particular order are:

1. Cameron - This blog is a fun delight for me to read, and Cameron shares her talent and herself through and through.
2. Eloise - Eloise (Hide N Seek) has incredible talent and a wonderful sense of wonder and fun.
3. Maddie Joon - Joon's blog and her art are inspiring and demonstrate the joy of living a committed and inspired life.
4. Kary - Kary is not only creative, but finds wonderful ways to give back to the world community with her art.
5. Stephanie - Stephanie is just beginning, but I see fantastic talent and a strong commitment to growing in her art and in her life that is inspiring!
6. Jean - Jean is one of my constant favorites, sharing her art and her heart with everyone.
7. Katie - Katie is amazingly talented, and one of the most real true people I have met. She is true to her heart in her art and in her life!

Thank you all, for your wonderful art, for your inspiration, and for sharing your stories, your lives, your time!!! Please accept this award in the spirit which it is given – one of appreciation for the personal inspiration that I have received from each of you, and in celebration of the joy you bring to the broader realm. :)

Here are the rules for the nominees, should you choose to accept:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

Check them out and be inspired!


Cameron said...

Oh, wow, thanks so much! I'm honored and happy that you enjoy my blog! :)

Jean Levert Hood said...

Kimberley, You are great! and so deserving of this award! I always read you blog. Thank you for honoring me as a pick!! I truly appreciate it!

AltheaP said...

Awww, thanks. You regularly read 40 blogs? I'd never get anything else done! You're one of my faves, oh WildOne.

Eloise said...

ohhhh!!! my sweet lovely girl!!!!
i can't believe that i'm seeing this so late!!!
I'm so sorry for my late reply!
i've been having little time for my blog the past months and only now i'm starting again n catching up!!

Thank you soo so much!! It's such an honour to be in your choices and i'm so happy about it!! :DD
Sending you big hugs and wishing you a lovely day!!!!
Eloise xxxx


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