Monday, September 22, 2008

Much more life going on than reflected here....

You might think that all is peaceful, calm, relaxed, and otherwise not noteworthy in life around here, if you read this blog. I am amazed at how little I have to say, these days.

But yes, under the quiet of the web silence, there is more...yes, oh yes, there's more. For example:
1. DD and change and learning and heartbreak
2. DP is buying a new house and moving
3. We are the proud owners of Gizmo
4. DH's momma is slipping away in a heartbreaking way
5. Work is proceeding, demanding my focus in places where it is hard – and so, it is hard. Hmpfh
6. MONEY needs my attention - and oh, how I loathe owning that responsibility
7. Crafting is demanding my time as the shop reopens in 10 days
8. We are in the middle of the 40 days to personal transformation for Yoga, and it is pulling my thinking around responsibility, focus, and drive - while making me have discipline - ug
9. Family wants attention
10. Possible land opportunity in the mountains is taking some thinking time - then see # 6
11. Diet for health is part of the big focus as well

Ok, so I'm busy. But not too busy to write. Not anymore. I owe posts on each of these, and on the felting of the pink bunny, the orange and green dragon, the trip to the mountains, the Design Your Life class, Maddie and the FISH diet (subtitled - What would you do to look like Cameron Diaz?), the challenge of finding a creative focus in the middle of everything, the just honest green envy I feel when I see people who HAVE found that focus, and The Dreadful Cold. Oh, and also The Book Thief.

So here is my commitment. Every day until I catch up. This being the first, but certainly not the last, entry. A discipline around writing. Communicating. Crafting a story. Weaving together the stories of life.

Yes, and there will be pictures too. That is a hard part of the discipline for me, just so you know. There is more work involved in taking the pictures, getting them to the computer from the camera, and then getting things loaded on the web. But hear me now - I will include them, and I will write.

So here, for your enjoyment, is the red bunny and the first bunny. Steph has promised me a picture of the pink bunny, because I already gave her to Jaya.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Hare, these are precious little Hares!! Ah, yes, life! The yoga sounds wonderful.


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