Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time and then some

It is amazing, when people don't know you well, how quickly they allow their own perspectives to become you in their eyes.

What I mean by this is that we are all guilty of considering our perception to be the complete picture of someone - without giving them - or ourselves for that matter - any room to be wrong or off base, even slightly.

This damages us, puts us in a position of weakness, does not allow us to have a clear and complete perspective, keeps us from getting/gathering/considering all the possible information. And it is not fair to those we are judging.

How unfortunate, that we close our lives, perspectives, considerations, and thoughts off like this every day. How unfortunate that we can't stay open and listen and learn more. How unfortunate, when we are the ones being judged.

So, politics are hard - and harder than ever in the current financial and social climate. I need to think about how to set the record straight - with myself and for myself. And in the mean time, I think I will go make some christmas cards. :):)

I have some wonderful papers and stamps, and a scrapbook to make for sale on the ETSY shop for Thanksgiving and another one for Christmas - and being creative helps me gain perspective and clarity. The Halloween scrapbook is up there now, called "Velcome Inn." I am really happy with it, and it will hold lots of loved ones photos!

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