Friday, October 3, 2008

In the twinkle of your eye

I see all good things. Things change in unexpected ways, sometimes big, sometimes little - but often much faster than I can imagine. The world goes up and down, life goes up and down, and I am so delighted that you are here to share it with me.

Linville Caverns, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Linville Falls - what a wonderful mountainy day! The caverns were Very Cool, although we all wanted the lights to be out just a little longer. We got into some very tight spots, and saw some cooler than cool rocks and formations.

We had a great time on this mountain trip, going through a cave, picnicing, hiking by the falls. It was exactly what I needed, and exactly who I needed to be with.
How delighted I am that I get to spend time with loved ones. Thank you - for the day, for the trip, for the fun, for the lunches and dinners and drives and - time.

I love you.

1 comment:

Jean Levert Hood said...

Oh, how wonderful, Kimberley! The little ones are so precious!


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