Monday, February 23, 2009

The new rug

The new rug and the happy puppy in the living room.

Mr. Bryant encouraged me to move the old living room rug up above the garage. We had purchased the rug on sale from an outlet shop seven years ago, and though it wasn't the best made rug ever it had served us well. Mr. Bryant thought that we might get several more years of life out of the old thing if it was in a place with less frequent traffic.

The old living room rug, happily installed above the garage.

And so, one evening while I was sick we rolled up that rug (really, a 10 X 13 foot rug is HEAVY) and carried it up above the garage and put it down on the floor up there. It looks great in the garage now, and is a perfect place for monthly book club meetings.

Meanwhile, the living room looked pretty dejected. Without a rug the entire character of the room changed - not to mention that it just wasn't as warm in there. Gizzy and Luka were both out of sorts, trying to figure out what had happened and where to lay down.

So this past Saturday I went to Gaffney and met my beautiful sister for the day, and we shopped til we couldn't shop anymore and we had found a rug. Seeing Karla was wonderful. See, look how lovely she looks. It is so great to be with my so great sissy! Her sweet hubby was off doing some work for the day, and I had the good fortune to spend the entire day with her and that beautiful smile!

The Fabulous McFaddens!

But Shopping? Not so much. You may know that I am one of the people who HATE to shop. I don't like spending money, I don't like all the choices everywhere, I don't like the high prices - even when things are on sale, and the lack of help - or too much help - just makes me angry. Ug. Dearest Karla had to put up with me periodically getting snippy while she also had to put up with me having absolutely no fashion sense at all, not even in my littlest finger.

We looked at clothes, we looked at shoes, we looked at makeup, we had a yummy lunch, and when we showed up at the rug store I really went downhill. They were all too expensive; they were all the wrong colors, the gentleman who was supposed to be helpful just argued with everything I said. For example...

Me "I don't think I like the border in this rug."
He "The border like that is extremely popular in all fine homes

Me "I prefer a rug that is less yellow."
He "This yellow is a beautiful accent color!"
Me "I would like to look at rugs that have a lighter
He "Darker centered rugs show off wood floors better than
lighter centered rugs."
Me "I don't want to spend $3000 on a rug."
He "You are getting an incredible value for $3000!"
Me "I am just not in love with this rug."
He "Well, you won't fall in love with it until it is on your
floor at home!"
Finally Karla sent him away, and chastised me for being snippy. Hmpf.

We kept looking and looking - and let me tell you, pushing these 10 X 13 rugs around is hard physical activity! - and finally another gentlemen who was very kind came to help us. He took the three rugs that we liked most that were in the price range and had them moved off the racks and onto the floor so we could check them out. They were VERY DIFFERENT from the rug we had in the living room before, and I just wasn't sure, wasn't sure, wasn't sure.....

The rug pattern in the sunshine.

And then we bought it. I think I was tired and ready to leave, and just didn't want to admit defeat. So we bought it and had it loaded into the truck and we drove our separate ways home. I was not sure Mr. Bryant would be happy with it. And in fact, I was not sure that I would be happy with it. But when we moved all the furniture and put the rug down Mr. Bryant said yes, he DID like it; although I wasn't sure still. Especially because it was evening by now and you couldn't see all the fine patterns and colors.

The new rug installed, the first evening. Colors and pattern both look pretty muted.

So in the morning we both looked again. Mr. Bryant still liked it - and guess what. I think I do too. I think it is growing on me. :)

A sunshine-y rug border.

It's brown and cream and taupe and gray and yellow and ....
"red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach and ruby and olive and violet and fawn and lilac and gold and chocolate and mauve and cream and crimson and silver and rose and azure and lemon and russet and grey and purple and white and pink and orange and blue!" Oh no, that's Joseph's Coat. (Sorry Rosie, just had to do it!)

It is pretty nice. And it works in the room, even though it is such a totally different color palette from the last rug. And I think you will like it too. Come see!


ZudaGay said...

I think it pulls all the colors together in a elegant homey way. How is that for an oxymoronic phrase? Lovely!

thewildhare said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence ZudaGay! That is exactly what I think we were going for - I recognize it now that you have said it - elegant in a homey way! Excellent! :)


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