Saturday, March 14, 2009

Momma's Sock

The ever lovin' Mr. and Mrs. Hanson came by and brought lunch. It was a great visit, although quick. And there was a surprise!

Remember when I told you about how Mrs. Hanson was getting incredibly good at her knitting and crochet? And how she was doing more and more complex work? Well let me show you the latest. Using something magic called "self-striping yarn" (which really means that someone did the math) and three double pointed needles, the Amazing Mrs. Hanson has created . . .

Her First Knitted Sock!!!

I am astounded as I have read sock patterns and my mind is boggled! Just look at this detail!

Like WOW!!

I am so proud of her and tickled at her accomplishment!

And when Mr. Bryant asked, "Where is the other one?", Mrs. Hanson smiled and said, "I haven't made it yet!"

Lovely Mrs. Hanson and the First (of MANY, I am sure) Sock!


Nilla said...

Haha, good story! Lovely sock, made me wish it was winter here! hugs from Nilla

Anonymous said...

Aww, nice sock! And I love that picture - she looks so excited!

thewildhare said...

Yes, Nilla, we need those warm socks here....even though spring is starting to show herself we still have cold.

And thanks Bri! Mom is excited - and so are we! My sister already placed an "order" for like, 10 pairs! :)


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