Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainy days and Sundays

The back yard corner of the kitchen, Sunday in the rain

I do love a good rain. Nice, steady, not too cold, just grey and wet. Pleasing the trees, grass, bushes, flowers, birds, and me!

The red and the white, blooming

And when that rainy day is a Sunday, it is a PERFECT day to stay in and read, cook, craft, create, spin, crochet, felt, and generally "nest." I woke up very happy to have a rainy Sunday to look forward to.

Bridal Veil

But there was one thing that HAD to be done first. A glory that needed to be captured before it faded away. And of course, it was outside. In the wet. In the rain. In the bit of cold. But tell me what you think - were the pictures worth getting wet for?

Red berries and red/green leaves

Tiniest whitest flowers

In all-over bloom

Hooray Spring!


thecraftbegins said...

I think that any nice picture is getting wet for! I was at a friend's wedding in the late fall and I laid down in the grass to get a picture of something my nice dress and all! Worth it.

Nilla said...

Springtime, ahhhh! The best! hugs from Nilla

thewildhare said...

Well I know what great pictures you are getting since I spent some time on your blog - and I am inspired to learn more, do more, and take more! Even if it means getting wet!

Nilla - what is the season your way? And also, card in the mail to you today. :)


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