Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Theme - Patience

The weather forecasting team told us for days how we would have an incredible snow storm on the weekend. For days, every time we turned on the television or the radio, we would hear about "upper lows" and "lower lows" that were going to combine to dump an unprecedented amount of snow in our yards, on our streets, and in our neighborhoods. We watched projections of the storms path, and listened to predictions of snow amounts - 2 to 12 inches!!

On Friday, we learned that we would know more details on Saturday, when the precipitation would begin.

On Saturday, we learned that the storm would ACTUALLY begin by bringing rain Saturday night, with snow on Sunday.

On Saturday night, we learned that we would see rain on Sunday morning, with snow Sunday mid-day.

On Sunday morning, we had rain. Lots of rain. With news that temperatures would fall through the day to result in snow Sunday Night. We heard that it would snow all night, and that Monday would be a Very Difficult Day. We listened to the live Department of Transportation report, and heard about all the snow plows that would be looking after our streets.

The patio in the rain

The rain covered our back sidewalk, and the patio started to flood. I could see the beginning of a lake of ice in my mind....but seriously, would it ever change to snow?

A flood is starting - will we be able to ice-skate later?

By Sunday afternoon I didn't believe it. There would simply not be snow. The thermostat stayed firmly on 32 degrees.

No temperature change all day

And then, surprisingly, on Sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon, it started to snow. Big, wet flakes, white white snow. Everything took on that dusting of white that makes the neighborhood a fairy land. The bow on the neighbor's mailbox welcoming their new son was magic.

Hawk's bow

The yards were gorgeous.

It was beautiful. After all the waiting, after all the disbelief. After the near certainty that it would never happen. Here came the snow. Slow, lovely, and true, the snow blanketed the neighborhood with beauty and silence. It came faster as the evening wore on, and our nightly walk was a wonderland.

The old man, Grey Juniper

SERIOUS flurries!

All this reminded me that patience brings many sometimes unexpected blessings. :)

Mr. Bryant's tree

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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