Friday, May 29, 2009

First Time!

Hello Wild readers!  
I am my mother's daughter, guesting for the first time!
Yesterday this was made even more apparent as I walked into a bookstore and didn't leave for three hours, spending my last $40 in the bank on fiction.  I remember doing this with my mom ever since I was little.  I spent hours in the teen fiction isle waiting for a title to jump out at me, reading the bound edges of hundreds of books...
I credit writing to all those hours reading.
Thanks mom!

I am here to say hi!  And also to promote my own heres and theres.  You can find me at!!  
I am also publishing a book of poetry before December, so make sure to look for updates in winter so you can buy my first book!!

((I was going to end with a picture of you and me, mom, but I don't have any on my computer of just the two of us!!  We need more pictures.  Can you believe I'm saying that?!?!))

1 comment:

thewildhare said...

lol! More Pictures! I am going to share your picture adventures here, and we can let everyone decide if we need more! :)


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