Sunday, May 31, 2009

The last day....

So it is the very last day of May, 2009. This entire month has flown by in a BLUR. Some of the flowers in the garden bloomed, peaked, and are done already - and I didn't even get any pictures. Good Grief. It has rained for days, and we have worked for days, and we have had unexpected things happen every which way, and I have LOTS to update you all one. So here is the big buildup!

First, I AM BACK. I will be updating my blog on our regular frequency going forward, as I have much to share - even in the most regular days. I have missed writing and sharing and engaging with all of you terribly.

Second, as you can see, I am inviting some guest contributors to the blog. We will never again lack for interesting things to read and some fun and quite possibly controversial perspectives to share and discuss. So a belated Welcome Welcome to my guests -

Dearest Sister Wonder Twin the Incredible Karla Anne McFadden! Karla lives, works, and plays in the fabulous North Carolina Mountains and has created a fantastic and interesting life that we all love to hear about. I hope to encourage Karla to share with us at least weekly, even during these busy days of summer as she works with CSA to bring fresh local grown veggies to all of us hungry city folk.

Beautiful Wonder Twin - some time ago, but surely not too long....was that at Brenda's wedding?? I think so!

And then that ever Amazing Amanda that you have also read about here. Amanda is one of my two incredibly creative progeny, and I am super delighted that she has agreed to give us a guest post or two when time permits. She already keeps her own blog going and it is great that she has agreed to share her thoughts here as well. Amanda has also undertaken the PICTURE PROJECT - she is scanning all of Mr. and Mrs. Hanson's photographs into the computer so we can create fantastic family scrapbooks. She has been spending hours on this project - I would seriously estimate at least 50 hours so far - and she is about 1/3 complete. And what treasures we are finding!

Our Rosie - a doll then and now!

Lots of those great old pictures that were taken before digital - so we have some interesting expressions, and many many pictures with heads cut off. And who are these incredibly good looking young folk, I wonder?

Could that be Mr. and Mrs. Costabile, and young son Gregg?

Could that be Carrie and Junie at the Steeplechase?!?!

I have also invited that yummy Mr. Bryant to share posts with us. He will be updating us on his fascinating and complex projects - and he can write some very enjoyable prose as well.

And finally, back to writing, sharing, documenting the world as I see it and live it, trying to be grounded and real and honest and .... what was the word of the year???? Oh yes! SERENE!

So tomorrow I am going to talk to you about my mail. It is a very interesting story, with some nice photos to support, and we will get back to business. (Can you believe it? Yes, mail can be interesting - who knew??) Also, I am lining up some updates for you all about....
1) Inspired - the ups, downs, and after thoughts
2) Memorial Day Weekend.....
3) Daddy
4) Momma!
6) An update on the fence project
7) Believing
8) How we are doing on Serenity, hmmm?
9) ART - more little arts, some scrapbooking stuff, and my great admiration for artists of all stripes.

So dear readers - to quote Mr. Vonnegut - hold on to your hats! We could end up miles from here!

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