Monday, June 8, 2009

CSA week 3 - an update from the NC mountains!

Hi everyone I thought I would do a quick update on my CSA project here in the mountains of NC.

Things are going very well. We have lots of veggies in the field and our subscribers seem very happy so far. We started a new tailgate market at our local Co-op last Monday. It was very warm and I learned that the 5 miles between the farm and the venue is just enough to make all the greens wilt! The Co-op manager was kind enough to get us some additional ice and a quick dip in an ice bath at regular intervals seemed to help perk everything up. Lots of sweat on the brow trying to get it all together in time for the clients!

Our neighbors at the market have a really cool Biodynamic farm. Check out for more info on this process. They had some really cool chinese greens that I had never even heard of, Tat Soy was one that comes to mind. Our farm grows more widely known veggies and in last weeks share we had Red Mustard Greens, Russian Red Kale, Summer Squash, Spinach and Spring Salad mix. Lots of greens at this time of year moving slowly into the veggies with more biomass soon.

Please support your local farmers and a great resource for CSA's in your area as well as tailgate markets is

Check it out and remember to EAT YOUR VEGGIES!!!!


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