Sunday, June 7, 2009

A family picnic in the mountains

On Sunday, May 24th, we all planned to head up to the North Carolina mountains for a day with the family. We wanted a chance to walk in the cool of the trees, enjoy the new deck, maybe take a swim in the pool, and possibly play at the spring festival.

Before we made it to the cars, though, it started to rain. We called the McFaddens and they said - Dang the Rain! Come Anyway! And so, off we went, every car filled with people, music, conversation, and laughter. We all got to the McFadden compound early, and after hugs and a snack and drink or two, we piled back into the cars to head to the McFadden Hilltop House. This house is where Jame's mother and father lived for years. It is situated atop an apple orchard hill and has incredible views of the countryside. It is a huge house, and we all wish that we had enough juice to make it our own!!

Many of the crew at the fabulous home atop the orchard

After our tours and relaxing on the floors we drove on down to Hendersonville for a very very quick walk through the garden festival. Mrs. Hanson bought an orchard and I bought some lavendar, and we all agreed to come back again next year for a long browse. Then it was back to the house to cook and share a fabulous dinner with contributions from everyone. Some candid shots from the day - - -

Some of my favorites!

The McFaddens fab new deck

While the meat was grilling, the dogs were enjoying themselves too

Look at the dirt and worms that got all over those cupcakes! YUK!

But H- doesn't seem to mind a bit!

Karla's blooming and beautiful fence climbing rose

Enjoying the old photo albums

An exhilirating swing!

Tuning up and playing the drums

Coming soon - the pool adventure and more family photos!

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Jean Levert Hood said...

How awesome, Kimberly! I love how your family celebrates their connections!! lovely photos!


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