Saturday, June 6, 2009

Giving Away Fiber? Really?

So I got my new Spin Off magazine, and wow - every time I get my hands on that magazine I just want to read uninterrupted. And then I hit the internet to read more about fiber arts.

I am so in love with fiber this year. And it is interesting, because there are lots of fiber festivals this year that I had never heard of before. And sites with interesting stories and fiber ideas and beautiful fiber - really I am astounded. And so, from a reference in Spin Off, I found the PHATFIBER sites. Phatfiber sells a sampler box of fibers from many vendors, showing off mixes in batts and rovings and wonderful dye techniques and colors. And the Phatfiber Blog offers regular give-aways from featured artists as well!

This week the give-away is from Silver Sun Alpacas - check out the shop where there are great items like Wine and Chocolate pictured above - WOW!

So you can read all about it the giveaway here. Go enter! Win something! Good Luck!!!

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