Monday, August 17, 2009

Overwhelmed with grace and thanks.

I went to a scrapbooking convention last week. Yes, I really did.

I didn't learn much - INSPIRED is where I learn the new stuff, looks like.

But I did meet some interesting people, and I did get exposed to some interesting techniques - well, about three - that I didn't think of before. And I did buy stuff. Stacks of stuff.

I don't think I will need anything but adhesive and ink for the next 10 months. Seriously.

And while I was there, I talked to Melissa Frances. She is a breast cancer survivor (you can read her story here), and she said that once you have chemotherapy and all your hair falls out, you take a new look at many things in your life. Once your hair grows back, though, you will never complain about a bad hair day again.

So I withdraw my hair complaints. I thank heaven again and again for all the goodness and grace in my life. And so, in honor of Melissa Frances, and my honest friend Maggie, and myself, I am making my mammogram appointment today.


Nilla said...

Maybe we will see your wonderful creations here soon????!!! Hugs Nilla

Celeste Maia said...

Melissa Frances' story is very inspiring, thanks for posting it here. Yes, after the gut punch of a cancer diagnosis you will never again complain about many things. You will want to enjoy everything!
It will be interesting to see all your creations here, you are so well supplied now, all you need - and you seem to have lots of - is inspiration.

NancyB said...

I wish I was born with creative talent and patience to do that but alas, not to be. That said, I do appreciate the good that others can do and also, appreciate the heros that overcome challenges...nice blog..thanks!

Maggie said...

Her story is just what we all need to read. So pleased you are getting the Mammogram. Hurrah for taking care of yourself.


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