Sunday, August 16, 2009

The worst haircut

I went to a great stylist for a short haircut. I was tired of styling and blow drying and ready for something easy, breezy. I said, "Whatever you think would look good" when he asked me what I wanted. I was certain that whatever he did, as long as it looked good, was something I could manage.

I didn't tell him that no matter how he styled it, I was going to get up in the morning and brush it back. I didn't tell him that I wanted it off my face, except for a bang or two - and those needed to be expressly defined. I didn't tell him that I didn't like my hair all brushed down toward my face.
I didn't give him any direction.

When he was done cutting, my hair was definitely shorter. And...all brushed forward. Longer on the top. Side bangs, brushed over. Flipped up (like wings, I thought) at the sides. I felt like the flying nun. He said, "You look fabulous! Absolutely adorable!" All the stylists agreed.

I paid, went home, got in the shower, and cried with frustration. For not being clearer, for not being honest, and now, for having a haircut that I can't style. Nice.

It is a great cut. The hair all wants to come forward and flip up. He did a good job. It is just not the style for me. And that, dear friends, is my fault.

So, I will get it figured out. I will learn to work with this style, and I will train the hair to go a new way. You can see that I have changed it quite a bit from the description above already, tucking it behind my ears, spraying it to get a shape that I can live with for a day.

And I won't make this mistake again.


Nilla said...

You look marvelous! Nothing needs to be added! Hugs Nilla

NancyB said...

I think you look GREAT

Chrissie said...

Oh dear I recognise that scenario, been there too many times! HOWEVER, you are BEAUTIFUL whatever your hair is doing!!


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