Monday, October 26, 2009


Lots to catch up on this week, before the big writing of next week begins. An update on the wedding and reception along with updates on the tree house and the research into Civility, all coming your way. With appropriate pictures, of course. But next week - ah, next week we begin the big writing.

As you know, Ama has been working on her first novel using the BIAM system. She should be completed by 10/31. I am quite proud of her, and before she could get too comfortable with Novel 1 and consider herself done, I brought her the idea today of participating with me in NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month provides a semi-structured community environment with the goal of completing a 50,000 word novel in the 40 days of November. So this will be a first for me, and a second for Rose (who said yes, by the way)!

I am filled with anticipation and a tinge of concern - but my commitment is in and I am going to write. Mr. Bryant has agreed to provide incredible support, to ask me about my writing, to help with the critters, and to fix dinners. He has even agreed to give me weekend time when needed, and as always to love me through what has the potential to be a few emotional moments (really?).

Now my brain is filling up with thoughts, potential stories, genres, characters. Should I write a young adult story my grandson might like? A novel about grandmothers? A novel about women of a certain age? A fantasy? A novel about memory keeping? Science Fiction? A book club? Fiber and spinners? A spinners flock? The possibilities are endless and I am working to define a manageable scope.

So here we go. A novel friends. My commitment is on the web site, and now here in public for all to see. My thanks to Mr. Bryant, dearest love, for unfailing support. And to quote a favorite author of mine, "Hold on to your hats, we could end up miles from here!"



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