Friday, October 16, 2009

Planning to Celebrate

It takes a lot of work to prepare to celebrate. We have been planning and working on planning for four weeks. The cool thing, though, is that it is absolutely all going to come off beautifully!

Four weeks from idea to party - with invitations, music, dancing, programs, candles, dinner, champagne, cake, favors, decorations, gifts, candy, pictures, EVERYTHING!! Now, it could certainly have taken longer. Every decision could have been second guessed, every choice questioned - and sometimes that happened - or rather, sometimes I happened [egad]. (I have been trying to be a well behaved mother-in-law during all this planning, but sometimes, Mr. Bryant tells me that I have gotten out of hand. I have had to call up my dear daughter-in-law to apologize, and although she assures me that all is well, I am glad for Mr. Bryant's reminders. I do want to be a good help and not overbearing. I do want to be a good friend to my adult children, and not a demanding soul. I do want to maximize manners and civility, really I do.)

But since this all is SO NOT all about ME, let us get back to the subject - planning and celebrating!

Invitations have been made, printed, and sent - and now a few announcements are going out as well, for those dear friends and family not traveling. Favors and decorations are being worked on. Scheduling for limos and photographers and the like is complete. Color schemes and cake flavor decisions are done done done. Totally, totally fun. I am so very lucky, to be allowed to be a part of all this fun stuff. And so very lucky to have a family that loves me. I just can't tell you. Congratulations, Aaron and Stephanie, and thanks for letting me play!!!!


AltheaP said...

Wow, you've got such a wondrously positive attitude about this! Will you hire out if/when my girls marry?

thewildhare said...

I would be delighted to come and play when the girls decide to wed, Janine!! Mostly, though, you and I will probably have to go and have a glass of wine and grin about it all. And that won't be such a bad thing, I think! :)


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