Thursday, October 29, 2009

Treehouse Update

The Crew, working working working on the roof

That treehouse still isn't done, but every week-end it gets closer and closer. There have been several rain delays that have slowed things down, and Mr. Bryant, Mr. Duke, ADR, and many friends are working hard to make up that time and get the roof on ASAP.

Pearly going up and down, anxious for the finished product.

Some of the roof, covered. A solid beginning!

Once the treehouse is covered and outside walls are done, then ADR will get started on some of the more artistic finishing (although I am sure he will delegate some activities to Mr. Bryant and Asa and Jaya, at least!!!).

The view from the roof - pretty far down there!

With the rain delays, the total project list for Mr. Bryant and ADR is backing up as well, what with plans for a rabbit hutch (yes, you heard that right!), finishing the fence, rebuilding the garage (yep, that's true), and the house addition already on the list. Asa and Jaya are excited about everything, but they are also wondering - when are Super Dad and Dad going to get any rest?

The challenging roof framing around the most wonderful tree.

The view into the loft.

Maybe over Christmas. :)

Looking at the progress, from the back porch.

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