Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ama - NYE 2009/2010

On New Year's Eve, Amanda performed at the Charlotte First Night event. She performed as a part of the Caroline Calouche Dance Company, and the Company did multiple aerial pieces. The Company was working many performances in December, and between other jobs that each of these dancers must work along with holiday commitments and the high cost of rehearsal space, they all have challenges having sufficient rehearsal opportunities. The aerial work requires enormous strength and so each of these contemporary dancers augments their rehearsing with strengthening work.

As scary as these movements can seem if we think about them, being high above the ground all wrapped in silk the Company dancers look beautiful, graceful, and honestly - amazing.

Below is just a snippet of some of our Amazing Amanda.


Nilla said...

I wish you a happy 2010! Hugs Nilla

Christy said...

That was amazing to watch! I love how she utilized the material.


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