Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One more thing

My 6th day of Christmas Present, a little singing Santa.
Thanks mom and dad, I adore Ho Ho Ho!

Work is working again, and so am I.

We haven't even celebrated the Epiphany yet.

It is only the first Monday.

And I find that I already miss my own time, my home time.

I will be online less, you see. And have to work harder to make more time for me.

So it goes.

I am committed to organizing and moving my life forward.

I am committed to documenting my future as I see it.

I am committed to being a better me.

With that determination, I also leave you this. Another poem by the inimitable Wesley McNair -

What Became

What became of the dear
strands of hair pressed
against the perspiration
of your lover's brow
after lovemaking as you gazed
into the world of those eyes,
now only yours?

What became of any afternoon
that was so vivid you forgot
the present was up to its old
trick of pretending
it would be there

What became of the one
who believed so deeply
in this moment he memorized
everything in it and left
it for you?

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