Monday, January 4, 2010


Holidays are such a wonderful time to reconnect with family. Even though we try to stay engaged with our dear ones throughout the year, it somehow seems that the best times we can find are around the holidays.

This photo represents one of those dearly wonderful deeply meaningful completely delightful family holiday moments. :) Here is Mr. Bryant, my "second son" Bruce, his beautiful wife Lisa, and their adorable sons Chase and Channing. They were at the house to surprise me on Christmas Eve, and had a little bit of a visit and gave me a wonderful Christmas Card. Bruce has only been to the house twice in 2009, and I am so unbelievably thrilled to have him visiting with the family. This kind of visiting - when we actually take a little time to chat, have a drink and a cookie, and laugh and love each other - this kind of visiting seems to happen too rarely in these busy busy days, where every moment is scheduled and planned for work and home work and chores and crafts and pet care work and daily work. And yet, this kind of visit is the very stuff of life, the true richness that grows relationships and connections and gives us happiness and meaning.

There are many of you that I would visit with personally if I could, but I will try to make sure to take time to visit with you virtually when personally is not possible And for all of us, I hope that we all can find a way to share more, visit more, laugh more, and love more in 2010.


Nilla said...

Beautiful family!! Hugs Nilla

Maggie said...

Yes, we sure will.

Now....where does Mr. Bryant come in? Just curious. :) That is a happy bunch.


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