Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sword of Truth

After our super fun trip to the Renaissance Festival back in November, Asa really really wanted a sword. I thought I had done a great blog about that festival trip, but apparently between the wedding and NANOWRIMO, I missed it. I will have to do that update here soon, but at least I managed to post a photo of Jaya and the Fairy. In any case, we had a great time, all except for the swords. Asa looked them all over at the festival, but even though he had saved his money, they wouldn't sell a sword to anyone under 18.

Now these swords at the festival were the real deal, understand. Long, shiny, sharp - just the kind of sword you would expect people to carry in Medieval times. Serious weapons. So, no sword for Asa. There weren't even any metal or steel practice swords - you know, maybe shorter and not sharp. Only wooden practice swords. So he got a wooden one, and that was ok. The best he could get.

But Mr. Bryant heard that longing. He thought about it long and hard, and began to do some research. And guess what. There is information on the internet (where we can generally tap in to a portal of human knowledge if we are willing to sort through the significant chaff) about how to make a sword. A serious one. And Mr. Bryant thought to take on the challenge. Making Asa a sword that he could mount on the wall, that he could practice with outside under his father's watchful eye, that would have heft and balance and that would make him proud.

And thus, Asa's Sword was born in fact.

Mr. Bryant began with an old truck spring from his truck. He had already started working and welding by the time I knew about the project, so here you see the shorter spring and then the welded flattened spring that was destined to become a sword.

Mr. Bryant worked on this project for months. Welding, grinding, shaping, hammering - and the sword began to take shape. It was HEAVY and when we would lift it the front of it would sink - the balance was all in the front, there wasn't a real handle or pommel - ah, it had a way to go.

And as we got closer to Asa's birthday, the sword began to shine. More polishing, more grinding, more welding. Enough of a handle to be a "hand and a half" sword for Mr. Bryant. More like two hands for me. Leather wrapping for the handle, sewn on with fine needle and strong thread. Not enough grinding to make it sharp - this was a practice sword in every aspect. But enough to move the balance back, change the weight.

Mr. Bryant is still working on the wall mount and lock. But on the birthday day, Asa D got a super surprise. In his hands he holds the Sword of Truth.


Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!!! What a glorious surprise for Asa!!!

I congratulate Mr. Asa for his hard work and dedication to this labor of love!!!!!

Maggie said...

Oh, what a wonderful story this is. Can you continue to keep us updated with his progress? :) Delighted.


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