Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cat Trees!

Well, we got em!

Planning for two cats meant at least two cat trees, said our breeder friends as they coached us on keeping our furniture intact. And so we ordered two from Armarkat as they were having a sale, in anticipation of the kittens. When the huge boxes were delivered to the front porch we thought the mail service had made a mistake, but indeed, they were our cat trees.

Mr. Bryant put them together last night, and it didn't take him too long either. He did go to the garage and get an extra wrench, but other than that, all the tools were included.

I think our two little ones will likely enjoy these. To me, they look like cat castles!


Linda said...

I'd like to be a kitty at your house. Wow!

Mrsfatface said...

WOW - those are big. Your kittens are going to have so much fun on them.


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