Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where are the kittens?

Spencer, of Old West Coons

This being the first time we have ever purchased kittens from a cattery, I am waffling. You would think that was all I ate all day long. We went and looked at kittens and thought and thought. It was IMPOSSIBLE to choose one, even two. And even after we decided, I have been filled with agita. Did we do the right thing, getting a boy and a girl? Should we have chosen two girls or two boys to start? Oh, should we have gotten three? --- Now, I know that we don't need three kittens - it has never really been a possibility. I just tell you, I have waffled all over this house and then some. They are so adorable, they all deserve the very best homes, I know that the breeders will chose the best families for the kittens, but I have this odd guilt about choosing one over the other, in every case.

Egad. I think it is all this waiting around. Used to be that when we went to get a kitten we came home with it right then. No time for second thoughts. Busy with kitten stuff right away!

So any way, we HAVE decided and it is almost time to go get the kittens. Next Saturday will be the big day, folks! We are planning to make it a real adventure, picking up Asa and Jaya right after school on Friday. We will drive to Raleigh and check in to a hotel - with a pool! - and take bajillions of pictures. We are even planning to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, at Jaya's request. The kids are already super excited. The big idea is to have a "slide show" of all the pictures when we have our Family Dinner the following week, with Jaya and Asa doing the MC'ing, which should be cause for more picture taking, I bet!

On Saturday morning we will get up and have Coffee and Breakfast, and head over to historic Hillsborough to pick up Spencer, of Old West Coons Cattery. Spencer was born on February 24th, and we are super ready to bring him home.

Spencer at 12 weeks

Once we have our first little guy, we will drive to Franklinton to pick up Ms. Aislinn of Alopeke Cattery. Aislinn was born on March 12th, so she will be just the right age to be a great playmate and best friend. We will get these two little ones situated in their carriers (yes, we have a pink one and a black one, what do you think?!?) and then take the long drive home.

Aislinn of Alopeke, 10 weeks old

We are all a bit goofy about getting these kittens, can you tell? It seems like we have been looking forward to this for a long time. I spent some time yesterday looking at pictures of Luka and missing her pretty strongly, and then looking at picture of Chrissie and missing her, and holy cow, it will be good to have a few more pets in the house. We have always had a house full of cats, dogs, and kids, and though I appreciate the slower pace and quiet, I miss the action too.

We have a lot to do around here in the meantime. I plan to find every bit of yarn and string and pack it up tight. We are going to be very careful with these two, since there isn't a passel of older cats around to show them the way.

Note: We have pictures in this post thanks to the generosity of John and MJ at Old West Coons, and Diana at Alopeke. Two wonderful Maine Coon catteries with fabulous owners.


Rose said...

You are going to have so much fun with the kittens.. after yrs of no kittens, I adopted a couple late last year and enjoy them so very much:)

Linda said...

Wow, your new babies are pretty. I love the black streak up the face of the little girl. This should all be so much fun. Do you plan to breed them?

Jean Levert Hood said...

oh, these pics are adorable!! I love that it will be a family "event" to go and get the new kitties. What a great cat tree that awaits them!

Maggie said...

Simply mar-velously wonderful. I too am in love.

Cheryl said...

The kittens are so sweet and will be so fun. What a grand adventure you've planned, sounds like everyone will make many happy memories during it. Look forward to hearing more about the new kitties.


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