Monday, May 17, 2010

What to do, what to do....

When tired, I sit.

Then in just a little bit, I get restless. By nature I want to DO things.

And so, yesterday, I got my hands busy and tried something easy with fun yarn.
Now, this is my first attempt, and I learned that I want to make the body a bit longer, and have the thumb come up a bit higher. So maybe this week I can give it another try.

But somehow, I felt better before I went to bed. Like I had accomplished something, even though I was still, as Mr. Bryant can attest, seriously tired and grumpy.


Cheryl said...

What cheery colors in the mitt. A bit of a bright spot in your day indeed! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

Tabor said...

Looks like you have ahead start on winter holiday gifts!

Kay Dennison said...

I can't just sit. I do love that mitt!!!!

Maggie said...

That's a lovely idea. Hurrah...and so sorry you were out of it.


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