Monday, August 30, 2010

The New House

Mr. and Mrs. McFadden found a new old house. They fell in love with the charm of the house, the yard, the landscaping, the space - and before we knew what was happening they bought it! We spent weeks too busy to head to the mountains, and finally the weekend came when we could actually go for a visit. We took a housewarming gift that we knew these two news junkies would love and headed up to the mountains.

And what a wonderful visit! We took a tour around the beautiful yard and saw all the cool landscaping and potential. There is so much room and so many beautiful plantings, they will be busy for many months restoring the property to its glory days. We learned about the history of the development and of this old house. We took a trip to town for a yummy Mexican lunch, and then stopped and got Fabulous Peaches from a roadside vendor.

We took a little time to browse through an antique shop - you never know what you will find - and Mrs. McFadden scored some marvelous tea glasses. I can't wait to enjoy some iced tea at the breakfast nook...

...or on the amazing spacious front porch! I love the screened in porch, and there is space for little ones to play and space to sit and enjoy the birds and sounds of the outside, too.

Mr. Bryant and Mr. McFadden took a little break to talk about ancestors and TV shows, about fear of the dark and love of the mountains. The living room looked enormous after their other cozy little cottage.

I walked around snapping pictures of the wide hallway and admiring the built in china cabinet, but couldn't resist how happy even the puppies are with their new space.

Bliss, pure bliss.

Mrs. McFadden looks pretty happy too, in her spacious house in the mountains, surrounded by trees and grass with lovely rooms and a full basement, filled with history and light, windows and big rooms, extra bedrooms and lots of cabinet space, and now with every day joy.

We stayed longer than we expected, but we had such a good time and the house is simply charming! Karla is planning to host Thanksgiving, and we are planning to be there as scheduled!

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Linda said...

I can only dream of such. I'm happy for them.


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