Monday, August 9, 2010

Status and Happiness

Aislinn Bullet of Grace, straight through my heart, makes me happy every day. :)

So we made it through the three weeks of H*!@ at the office, but only just barely, I must admit. Not because the days were so dreadful, to be honest. Instead, it is just that there is so much to do during the days and I definitely got behinder.

And also, home life suffered quite a bit. (Don't tell anyone, but I have been rather dramatically out of balance.) Not enough exercise, not enough diet emphasis, not enough attention to Mr. Bryant, the kids, the grand kids, not enough attention to the animals, not enough attention, even, to me. Sheese.

One can only hope that things will be settling down to a more normal pace over the next few weeks. From a personal perspective, a bit of PTO this week will help bring more balance. Then school gets going, and birthdays happen, and then we are full swing into Autumn.

On the work side of the equation, I learned a LOT about how to be more successful over the last several weeks. Learned a lot about how this new company works, and how I need to work within it. Learned a lot, also (interestingly enough) about how to apply the behaviors that make me happy across all other parts of my life to this work thing.

Life long learning continues. And learning more about this happiness emphasis seems like something worthwhile.

And so I am going to take a deeper dive. You know. Working to gain clarity. Starting by looking at the work being done by Gretchen Rubin on the Happiness Project. I will let you know what I learn. You can also look yourself, if you like. Here.

Off to have a day catching up and running errands and riding the bike. Getting out of behind, and into more happy.

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