Monday, January 31, 2011

Sketching and Puppies

No, I have no time. No time to do anything but work, clean the kitchen floor again, take puppies in and out, and work some more. But I refuse to fall into the winter blues. The pups make that hard anyway, as they always make me chuckle for some reason (can you imagine)?

I want to be Just Like You!

I just really want Out Of Here.
I PROMISE I won't go to the bathroom on the floor!

Just to be sure I keep a broader focus, I am reading some classics - and they really make me smile. I am also participating in the Sketchbook Challenge. I decided to do this when I can for as long as makes sense, with no pressure. A nice, easy, New Years Resolution that gives me an excuse to do something creative for a few minutes a day - or a week.

So in January, I made four pages. January's theme for the Challenge was "Highly Valued." I don't know how to draw, so I had no idea how to capture what I highly value in a sketchbook. So here is what I came up with.

First, I started with a list. I learned quite a bit on this page - not the least of it was that watercolor will STILL warp a page and also that I needed something to paint in matte vs. gloss for a finish.

Next, I did this page - actually page three in the book - to try to demonstrate the value of logic, thinking, words, reading, writing, thought.

Some of my most favorite words are on this page.

Along with this great stamp - the ability to write - the cornerstone of democracy!

Third, this second page of the book started on the back of the warped first page with a startling red acrylic, that then I needed to find some way to make sense of. At the fire-y heart of it, is love, you see.

You can see the warping in the page - but I muddled through anyway.

And found two little works of tiny art would make the center - well - more centered.

But life is less full without inspiration...

And Family is the root of it all, for me.

Finally, I finished this page today, just in time. I had a time getting this one done, as I had to make a decision. What do I value more? Honesty, or Kindness? How about you?

Page 4 in progress.

Page 4 finished.


Sue Bleiweiss said...

great pages and those pups are too cute!

Maggie said...

Just lovely. You mop the floors, take the puppies out, and are creative. Boy, I admire you.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, and I love your little puppies. My baby is two now, and not making messes on the floor, however, the old girl who is 17 cannot always make it out the door, so we accomodated her with pee pads. Dianne


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