Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Chair Full of Kittens

Max and Gracie are doing just fine with the puppies. We were worried that they would be stressed out and angry, or that the puppies would chase them. Instead, they both want treats every time the puppies get treats, and they still consider themselves first King and Queen of the house.

Max will be one year old this month, and he is still growing. A very cool cat, he is always with the people in the house, checking out everything that is going on. He talks quite a bit, loves to play with the kids, the puppies, and of course has regular evening rumble-through-the-house sessions with Gracie. In the picture above, Gracie was in the chair perfectly happy to spread out and take up the full seat. I had to find another chair to read in. At some point she must have taken a chill because she curled up - and in that very instant Max jumped up and joined her. Nobody is chilly now!


Kay Dennison said...

Glad to see that you and the menagerie are doing well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want a kitty. Too bad for me that I am so allergic to cats. They are so sweet looking. I hope they remain sweetnatured. Dianne


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