Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenten Musings

Goodbye, Beef. And right now, good riddance.

We ate like nobody's business for four days. Chocolate, cupcakes, beef, fries, onion rings, chicken, ugh. We are so full we can't see straight. We went out to eat and even went out to drink. We had wine and mixed drinks and beer. We had doughnuts and cookies. We ate candy and had night-caps. We even had champagne for breakfast on the weekend. Basically, we have been running a muck.

We are so ready for Lent we can't wait for the morning. Ready for fasting, ready for simplicity, ready for taking time to think, finding time to reflect, breathing slowly, remembering. The seasons of the church year are a gift to us, and we love the tradition and ritual. They resonate deeply in our very souls, and right now, even giving up Wine and Chocolate sound Just Fine.

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Anonymous said...

I don' do Lent anymore. I live it all year around. I used to cheat anyway, I always gave up something I didn't have or didn't want. Hope you enjoy yours. Dianne


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