Sunday, March 6, 2011

Those Dirty Rotten Spools.

Preparing to make the most incredible artistic gates on the planet, Mr. Bryant has been acquiring new tools. Specifically, as of early last week, he has a new spool gun (it came with his new MIG welder, but more about that another day). He looks very Buck Roger-ish aiming that Spool Gun, wouldn't you agree?

As for me, I feel really safe. We will not be attacked by any Dirty Rotten Spools.



Tabor said...

I have no idea what this tool does, but you husband looks like he has fallen love.

Anonymous said...

David looked at Mr Bryant's spool gun and said, "What does it do?" Guess we need a photo of Mr Bryant in action. Dianne

Maggie said...

Hobart makes kitchen appliances? LOL


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