Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Best Friends

In December of 1980, Grandmother and Grandfather Hanson gave Aaron some Christmas money for books. He and I went to the book store together and any book that caught his eye came home with us. One of our very most favorite books was called "Our Best Friends" by Gyo Fujikawa. This delightful little board book has simple art work and tells the story of a little girl Mary, her doll (Doll), her cat Smudge, and her little mouse (Mouse), as they look for new friends. I remember us reading this book again and again to Aaron, and both of us never getting tired of the story. We took the book on picnics and to Grandmother's house; we read it in the car and at the park. My little blond boy sat in my lap and pointed at all the characters in the book as I said their names. I remember the sun shining down on us while we read outside, and listening to the wind chimes on the porch when we read again. I don't have any pictures of those days. But I do know that in the end, Mary, Doll, Smudge, and Mouse become fast friends with Harry, Larry, Spots, Mops, and Peeps. :)

I read the book to Amanda when she was little, and then again to both grandchildren. The book and the pictures and all the little creatures make me smile to this day. As my house fills up with sweet little souls, I watch them becoming the "dearest and the best of friends." The reality makes me smile and the memories of all those wonderful moments with my son, daughter, and grands wash over me. I am glad we have the memories that books bring, and thank Mr. Fujikawa for his gift to my children, and to me.


nacodoches said...

Thanks for the memory. Isn't it wonderful to think back to such joyous times. Also, thanks for the book tip. I am always trying to come up with ideas for kids. Dinne

nacodoches said...

That's Dianne. I cannot spell it seems.


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