Thursday, April 7, 2011

Speaking of Mail

The other day I got a surprise in the mail. The package was very well padded, with a Royal Mail sticker on the outside. I was too excited to stop and take a picture to share and I just ripped it open right at the dining room table. Under miles of bubble wrap were the most delightful gifts!

One of the blogs I read often is Niminy Fingers. This blog, kept up by a very talented craft artist, is fascinating for many reasons - not the least being the amazing handiwork that Chrissie shares. Additionally, she writes from the United Kingdom and shares not only her unique point of view but a fascinating insight into history, custom, and the modern world all living side by side. I always enjoy her stories and pictures, and some day I vow I will go visit her (fair warning, Chrissie!).

Many months ago Chrissie had a giveaway contest on her blog, and much to my surprise I won! I am sure that 2011 will be a great year as a result, I just know it. Well, Chrissie sent me my fantastic gift, and it - can you believe it - it got lost in the mail. Honestly. I contacted the post office and couldn't get any answers, so I went in for a visit. They told me that our regular mail man had moved away, and they were still trying to get a regular carrier for our route. In the mean time, the mail on our street was being delivered by whoever had extra time - and so things would be a bit difficult. [Still? Really? Good Grief!!!]

The package never came and I was disappointed. But still certain that good luck came with the winning. :) And then, the other day, a package came! Chrissie included a note - this was the second package she sent - and it was absolutely the charm. She included a lovely stuffed and embroidered heart, a cinnamon sachet, and a cute as can be tag calendar that is just the thing for my office. THANKS A MILLION CHRIS!!!

Do go and check out her blog - and her ETSY shop "makeyourpresentsfelt." She makes wonderful things - check out these egg cosies - just in time for easter!


Chrissie said...

Hip Hip Hurrah! Second time lucky ... eventually!

So - have you got your bag packed and your passport ready?!

chrissie x

nacodoches said...

Now you've done it. I had to check out the site and bookmark. Dianne

Val said...

I came here via Tabor and One Day at a Time (I dont blog myself any more) as I am besotted and intrigued with wild hares!

And also passionate about felting, so thank you for the link to Niminy Fingers (plus I live in the UK)

I will be back to read more!


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