Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tucker McFadden

We lost our eldest yesterday, March 28, 2012.  Tucker Anne Hanson McFadden went on home to play with Chrissie and wait for us.  Karla didn't tell me, but I believe that he had been missing her a lot these last few days, and just decided it was time to follow her home.

Tucker Anne
Karla brought Tucker home when we was a tiny puppy, and of course he immediately became the favorite one, the play with me one, the full of energy catch me let's RUN! one.  He was into everything and loved everything and talked a lot and ruled the world.

When he came to visit we were all beside ourselves with delight - mostly at his joy from moment to moment!  He would bark and bounce and wiggle and launch himself into my arms the minute he came through the door.  His eyes were always full of mischief and he would race to Chrissie or out into the yard where they would play for hours.  Tucker ran rings around Chris, and once the chase was over they would get down to business, tugging and pulling at ropes together, shredding them into masses of strings. 

Karla made sure that Tucker had the best life a dog could have, taking him everywhere, giving him chances to camp, hike, swim, run, ride in the car, and be next to her side.  He loved it when she got other dogs because every day was a play day - but he always knew he was the special one.  I know I will miss him dreadfully, and am so very thankful for the joy he shared with us.

Tucker Cutie Pie in the Impatiens
Good bye precious Tucker, love you much sweet boy.


Scatter said...

They leave such a big hole in our hearts. So sorry to hear this.

Mage said...

I'm so sorry about Tucker Anne....what a gift to have a person like that in your life. So glad you are well again. Next time, if there is one, call the doc at the start. We care.


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