Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thankful for the Gift of Spring!

Outside the Front Door

We only had a little bit of winter, if you can even call it winter.  Mostly milder days, a good bit of rain (enough to create a small lake in the backyard for a few days).  Seems like just a few weeks were below freezing. 

The grey rainy days chilled my bones but felt good, like the right kind of rest.  A state of suspended animation, close - so close - but not there yet.  We stretched our way from holidays through illness and then, quite beautifully, into the start of spring.

My yard and garden surprised me like they do every year, sharing blooms in the most unexpected places, giving color every which where. 

I hope to have a chance to wander outside with the camera this week and capture some of the ephemeral moments of beauty, although I have missed getting pictures of some of it already - the yellow and purple crocuses, the full blooms of the wisteria and the bridal veil.   I have been amazingly fortunate to enjoy the colors from inside the windows, and completely appreciate this gift of spring in 2012!

Today: I woke up late, luxuriating in the weekend sleeping in.  I went to yoga and had an amazing hot yoga class that left me trembling in the very best way.  Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! cracked me up as I rested with 32 ounces of water and some almonds.  A second shower and I am ready to go!

Now: Off to the grocery and then home to make a Baked Alaska.  Family Dinner will be Grilled Chicken / Pimento Cheese sandwiches, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, and Baked Alaska.  We are wrapping up Asa and Jaya's birthday celebrations tonight.  Baked Alaska seems like just the ticket to celebrate.

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Mage said...

You just sound wonderful. A perfect dinner. What fun.


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