Monday, April 2, 2012


From the Forest
Ever since DragonCon last year, ADR has been working with leather.  He made some amazing masks, cutting and forming the leather, carving and painting.  Each one is a work of art.

I keep telling him that these are things that people will want, but he is reluctant to market them, hesitant to share.  His inventory is growing, and the masks are becoming more and more incredible.  He carves them, paints them - all by hand. 

He has made design enhancements while he has been learning, and has even done a commission or two for custom design work.  I have my thinking cap on for what kind of mask design I would like myself, for DragonCon this year.  Something fanciful, yet really intense, somehow.  Something that is me, through and through, while I peek out through the eye holes. 

These are very cool.

Mask On
Today: Monday work day, the gift was being able to work from home.  Fed the cats, had my tea, worked those meetings and conference calls, kept it moving.

Now: Going to take the puppies for a nice long walk and then home for a late supper and some Jeopardy watching with Mr. Bryant.  Wrapping up preparations for early yoga class in the morning.  I am off!


Scatter said...

These are amazing! I'll bet he could sell a ton!

Mage said...

I would hope by next year at Dragon Con or Comic Con he would reconsider. :) Yes, those are magical.


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