Friday, April 6, 2012

The Eyes Have It

I have been drawing eyes for the last few days, telling myself that I have to be patient and follow every instructional step if I really want to learn how to draw faces the best that I can.  So I am behaving, and drawing eyes.  Huge eyes, medium eyes, cartoon eyes, silly eyes, and realistic eyes.  Following instructions.  Getting the right tools.  Reading and measuring.  Using up copious amounts of eraser.  I have pages of eyes in my sketchbook now, and lots of graphite on my hands.

Maybe Tuesday I can start on noses.  :)

Eyes Four, April 6, 2012

1 comment:

Tabor said...

These eyes are electric. They do look alive. You are doing great! Wish I could sketch like this. I took an art class in college and, for me, the noses were the most difficult.


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