Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Brother James!

James celebrated a milestone birthday on Friday, April 6th.  We took the opportunity to head to the mountains on Saturday to share in the celebration.

It was a simply beautiful day, all bright Carolina Blue Skies and sunshine, with a chance of rain at 0%.  We scurried around the house in the morning, packing up hams and wine and changes of clothes and puppies.  Ama and Colt went with us, which always makes for a smile.

The drive was beautiful and the puppies loved their new transport in the back of Mr. Bryant's truck, complete with a camper top and a padded carpeted floor.  We had the windows open and Bella and Jack enjoyed the air ruffling their fur as we drove.  When we pulled into the McFadden homestead the puppies exploded with talking and barking, ready to get out and see their cousins.  Mr. Bryant opened up the back and in seconds they were down and begging to get through the gate.

We had lots of puppy fun, and hugs all around.  Drinks and snacks, stories and jokes, laughing and breaking bread with family.  BarBQue and fruit, salads and Mrs. Hanson's World Famous pineapple cheese casserole made for a delicious dinner, with Hummingbird Cake providing a perfect finish.  ADR, Stephanie, Asa and Jaya all came along shortly, and James' Aunts and Uncles also arrived to join in the party and stay for a long visit.  James blew out his cake candles handily, which surely promised an auspicious coming year.

I didn't ask everyone to get together for a photo.  They always tease about that - but now I don't have one of those great group shots. Next time, family, be warned - I will not hesitate to insist on everyone smiling at the camera!

We took the time to enjoy the McFadden's yard which is always easy.  We sat some on the screened in front porch under the deep eves and enjoyed the view, taking mental notes and day dreaming with inspiration about someday property in the country.  It was a wonderful day, and filled me with appreciation for my family and this wonderful life.

Today: Income Taxes All Day.

Now: DONE!  Ready for a break, maybe a walk with the puppies, maybe a dinner out.  Planning for another busy work week, I feel like I need some time off.  I have so much writing and drawing and napping to do!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I love the puppy tails. Dianne


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