Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Small Masterworks


I am always amazed to watch art happen.  The evolution from a thought, a momentary wisp of an idea, into something real and substantive is nothing short of miraculous. Capturing the ephemeral. The genius of creation.  A divine moment.

It makes me lose my breath and gives me goosebumps when I stay open to the implications.

Working with leather, Aaron has made masks, collars, hats, and bracelets.  Someday he is going to sell them.  

I just know it. 

And I want one.  Just sayin.


Mage said...

Good to see you again, but old me is fractionally confused by the new format. Ah well.

Kimberly Hanson said...

Me too, actually. I think I fixed it now.
Was attempting to simplify.
I am finding that with all the technology options today, those attempts are sometimes more confusing than they need to be!

DELIGHTED to see your smiling face!


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