Thursday, January 24, 2013


Around here, we simply love our pets. The depth of our feelings run far deeper than just obligation. We welcome our pets into our lives and they become part of our family. They encourage us to play and exercise; they make us giggle and be silly; they make us engage with them - and as a result, we expand.  We come outside of ourselves and grow, thinking about more than our everyday whatever is in our heads at the moment.

Our pets make the world a warmer and more joyful place. Sharing their lives and unconditional love with us, they each give us the opportunity to be better people. They show us the value of kindness.

Our Pinky is getting achy and the cold really seems to bother him. So Grandma June crocheted a fabulous warm sweater for him. It fits perfectly and he loves it, and we love to see him dressed up so nice.

Here's to warm sweaters and joyful days.


Freda said...

I love the sweater for Pinky - it really suits him. I so agree that pets are part of the family. They teach us such a lot about how to live well. Every Blessing Freda (

Tabor said...

Better dressed than I this winter!


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