Monday, February 18, 2013

Bella's Bath

Ever since she was a tiny puppy, Bella has hated a bath.  Mr. Bryant and I get quite a chuckle out of this, because she is a water dog, with webbed feet and two coats of fur. Her mother loves to swim for hours, and Bella might indeed love to swim in a lake. She has only been to the ocean for swimming. But the bath? Hates it. Everything about it. Every single moment.

At 2 years old, she is a real challenge for Mr. Bryant and I in the bathtub, but really still needs a regular bath.

Enter, the mobile dog washing unit from our favorite grooming location -- The Dog Salon!

These brave ladies bring their professional focus to making our pets beautiful and comfortable right to the driveway. They manage to wash two leonbergers and a pekingese in about and hour and a half.  Junior loves it, and can't wait to go visit the girls in the van. Gizzy could care less, but ideally would be happy to stay in the house left alone. But our Bella? She hates it. She hates every single solitary thing about it. She gives the girls a workout. They can eat cheeseburgers and fries all they want after bathing Bella.

But oh how happy she is when it is all over.  Smelling good and free of fleas, Bella is Beautiful.

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